Oil Cooled Variac Transformer

Automation Electric Company is leading industry well-known forĀ Oil Cooled Variac Manufacturer. We mainly concentrate in assemble of high current rated coils which are used in variac. The offered variac commutator surface of the coils is a machine processes and therefore it is very uniform and smooth. At the lower end of the power rating range, it is dry and liquid-immerse transformers which are often self-cooled by natural convection and radiation heat indulgence. As the power ratings increases the transformers are also often cooled by such other devices as forced air cooling, force-oil cooling, water-cooling, or a combination of these.

This is very important for proper collection of current by the carbon brushes thus reducing the heat generated. Our average coils are 100 Amp, 150 Amp, 200 Amp. With these coils we assemble oil-cooled variacs from 100 Amp 3 Ph to 1200 Amp 3 Ph capacity (415 V input and 0-470 V variable output). In high current rated models we utilize numerous coils with correctly rated harmonizing coils to realize the rated current. These variacs are usually motorized with geared mechanism. We besides cater to custom-made necessities.

Attributes of Oil Cooled Variac

  • No danger of fire or explosion
  • Easy Installation
  • Maintenance and pollution-free solution
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced cost of civil installation works and fire protection systems
Oil Cooled Variac
Oil Cooled Variac Transformer