Our praiseworthy customers are presented a finest quality assortment of Single Phase Variable Transformer that is high on insisting in the market due to its lossless and difficulty free operations. The offered single phase transformers are completely manufactured by our knowledgeable engineers with quality metal and filling in fulfillment with modern technology and situate industry standards. This transformer is extremely demanded in precise applications for its best recital and smooth operations. Our offered standard models comprise input voltages from 120VAC to 480VAC. They are categorized by input voltage, output voltage and numeral of phases.

In an autotransformer portions of the similar twisting act as together the primary and secondary twisting. The winding has as a minimum three taps wherever electrical connections are completed. One end of the winding is frequently related in common to equally the voltage source and the electrical load. The other end of the source and load are related to taps all along the winding. Diverse taps on the winding communicate to diverse voltages, deliberate from the common end.

Attributes of Single Phase Variable Transformer

  • Its efficiency is more when compared with the conventional one.
  • Its size is relatively very smaller.
  • Voltage regulation of autotransformer is much better.
  • Lower cost
  • Low requirements of excitation current.
  • Less copper is used in its design and construction
  • In conventional transformer the voltage step up or step down value is fixed while in autotransformer, we can vary the output voltage as per out requirements and can smoothly increase or decrease its value as per our requirement.
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