Owing to the rich experience and vast knowledge in this domain, we are considered to be the leading Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer. The offered Servo Stabilizer is the equipment which offers constant output voltage to load. Usually, it has been checked that the supply of the voltage in AC main supply is never constant. Owing to this the severe conditions emerges as Over Load Conditions, Heavy Line Losses, Poor Power Factor, Problem of Machinery Damage, and many more. It is considered that during the day time the connected stabilizer load is more to main supply and hence there is low voltage in the night time due to which the connected stabilizer load decreases.

Owing to such fluctuations in the AC main supply, there is problem of frequent breakdown, low production and also loss of energy. Further it is technically proved that the transformers and all other machines work very efficiently and with minimum breakdown at constant voltage supply. The whole load can be connected to one single Servo Stabilizer, which can be installed according to the individual machine’s requirement. Our assortment includes stabilizers in a variety of stipulation that ensemble the input voltage variations of industries, commercial buildings, residential buildings and small businesses.

Attributes of Servo Stabilizer

  • Quick, steady and precise correction of voltage
  • Constant output voltage, even though load current variations
  • Balanced output voltage, irrespective of input unbalance
  • Approximately 98% efficiency
  • Customization possible
  • Reduction in breakdown of the electrical equipment
  • Energy saving ranging from 5 % to 10 %

Attributes of Servo Voltage Stabilizer

  • Computer Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Process Industries
  • Cement Plants
  • Cold Storage
  • Food Processing Units
  • Rubber Industries
  • Oil and Vanaspati Plants
  • Factories
  • Rolling Mill
  • Distilleries and Beverages
  • Residential Bungalows
  • Pharmaceutical Unit

Servo Voltage Stabilizer

We are significant entity, affianced in offering the high quality of Servo Voltage Stabilizer that is used for an assortment of home appliances to cater all domestic needs. The provider stabilizer is manufactured by our well experienced professionals in line with the international industry quality standards from optimal quality components and sophisticated technology. Further to maintain the quality of the stabilizer, we are strictly checking the stabilizer on various parameters.

Owing to the rising demand, Automation in-house engineers have regularly enhanced the performance of the Voltage stabilizer and power conditioners observance along with the modern developments in control voltage technology. The offered Servo Voltage Stabilizer has many domestic and industrial applications such as metal processing equipment, production lines, construction devices, large type electromechanical equipment, elevators, medical equipment, jewelers, textiles, air-conditioners, etc.

Applications of Servo Stabilizer

  • Durable performance
  • High functionality
  • Precise design
  • Reliable service
  • Guaranteed working
  • Easy use
  • High finish
  • Rigidness

Applications of Servo Voltage Stabilizer

  • Corporate sector
  • Software and IT industry
  • Engineering plants
  • Medical equipment
  • Textile plants