Automation Electric Company is a driving manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium quality Variac Dimmer which is also known as Variable Transformer. This Variac Dimmer are well-known in different names in various places such as continuously variable voltage auto transformer, variac auto transformer, variable transformer, variac transformer, voltage regulator, dimmer etc. Even the offered Variac Dimmer is continuously variable voltage auto-transformer. It is the most effective device for step less break less and continuous control of AC voltage. Dimmers are a device which is connected to a light fixture and used to lower the brightness of light. Variac's are big windings of wire and the variable part of the output voltage comes from moving a conductive slider along the windings.

It is a variable transformer that is competent of ranging the voltage from 0 to 240 volts AC at 20 amps. There is only 1 winding and 240 volts is applied across it. There is a wiper which is in contact with this winding and can collect the voltage. The complete assortment of goods manufactured and provided by us is extensively much-admired for their high performance and hassle free operations. Moreover, we are making use of highly advanced machines and tools for the engineering of our offered range. Over the years we have accomplished a gigantic customer base with the help of our quality oriented and faultless assortment of products.