We are leading manufacturer of Variable Transformer Spare Parts, which are remarkably similar. The largest parts in the transformer consist of the winding coils and a sliding brush. The knob on the device offers a way of insulating the user from the voltage going through the device, allowing them to adjust the surface area of the brush that is actually touching the coil. A variable transformer will also restrain parts that are designed merely for safety's sake. The largest parts however, are the coil and the brush, the latter of which basically takes the position of the secondary coil in a usual two coil transformer.

The offered Variac Variable Transformers consist of a complete assortment of single and three phase models. We are providing the Standard models which consist of input voltage from 120VAC to 480VAC. These Variac Transformer frequencies is to 2000 Hz can be accommodated on some versions. Variac Variable Transformers are having special units for voltages to 1000 VAC and 1000 Amps are available. Variable autotransformers consist of a standard autotransformer that has been broken in organize to expose part of the coil, a sliding brush, and any automatic switches that a particular Variac requires. In a variable autotransformer, the secondary voltage is efficient to the exposed portion of the autotransformer via a conductive sliding brush.

Attributes of Variac Transformer

  • Losses are decreased for given KVA capacity
  • Saving in size and weight
  • Size is very smaller
  • Voltage regulation is much better
  • Cost is low
  • Excitation current requirement is low
  • For designing auto transformer copper is used in less requirement
  • In conventional transformer step up and step down voltage are fixed while in auto transformer output vary as per the requirement